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AUDIO | Zabron Singers - Niko Sawa | Download Mp3

AUDIO | Zabron Singers - Niko Sawa | Download Mp3
Zabron Singer is back with a new song titled Niko Sawa. Zabron Singer is an evangelical group that was created in Kahama, Tanzania. From 2006 to 2015, the group's evangelism activity resulted in the baptism of more than 600 people.

Tanzanian gospel singers Zabron Singers are well-known. Their newest single, "Niko Sawa," is an upbeat and energizing song about persevering and believing in God's will. The song has a catchy tune and an engaging tempo, and the music video is full of brilliant colors and synchronized dancing moves.

Some of the most popular songs by the Zabron Singers include "Moyo Wangu", "Baba Nakuabudu", "Mungu Ni Mwema", and "Tunakuabudu". The group has also won several awards and nominations for their music, including the Groove Awards in 2018 and the Sauti Awards in 2019.

As a constant reminder that people are never alone, the song is a testament to resilience and faith. God is always with us, even at our darkest moments, is the song's message. Tanzania and the rest of Africa have both found success with the song.

Listen to, “Zabron Singers - Niko Sawa” below;

AUDIO | Zabron Singers - Niko Sawa | Download Mp3

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